6 June 2016 – Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition at Siska Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia Japan Embassy Presents

Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition

3 June 2016 – May 2017 – Japan Art House / Exhibition at KLINEC MEDANA, Brda, Slovenia

KLINEC MEDANA Winery - Medana 20, Medana, 5212 Dobrava v Brdih, Slovenia

3 June – 31October 2016 The ART Circle Project at Vila Vipolze, Brda, Slovenia

The ART Circle Project ( 25 years after Slovenia's independence ) in cooperation with various Embassies in Slovenia & the Institute for Tourism, Culture, Youth & Sport Brada, supported by BMW Group Slovenia, Esimit Europa cordially, and Winery Association Brada.

16th April – 22nd May 2016 – THE EXPATRIATES, & gallery Presents, Melbourne CBD , Australia

&gallery Upper West Side 220 Spencer street, Melbourne CBD This exhibition brings together the work of Australian artists living and working overseas, as well as those from other countries that have found a home here in Australia, exploring moving, setting and choice as an influence over artists.

November 2015 – March 2016 – A Community Art Project , Melbourne, Australia

[ Ship of Dreams ] "For countless people around our planet, a boat represents a journey to a better place. A boat provides a way of escaping from brutal regimes, religious and racial intolerance, oppression, and subjugation, where you can only dream of better things. The boat carries the people in the dream. The boat represents hope and opportunity”. Japanese saying is “After life the Soul / Spirit will cross the river by boat to enter another world”.After the catastrophe of Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, I had opportunity to create a boat sculpture at remains of Synagogue in Germany, as a memorial to the victims who crossed over. I am honoured and humbled to be working with the community groups on this project. Many of the participants have experienced firsthand some of the horrors mentioned above. The strength of their spirit drives them along still. For many, the boat came from a dream, and it became reality” Motoko Katsuta Kitano – Visual Artist - Parr Studio | Billilla mansion studios Artist in Residence 2015-2016 | Bayside City Council

Artists in Residence 2015 – 2016 Award, Bayside city council, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Work at Parr Studio - Billilla Mansion during 1st July 2015 - 30th June 2016 Motoko is a multi-diciplined visual artist - in her painting she uses acrilic paints, Japanese ink, pastel and oil pastel, her calligrapahy is produced on Japanese paper. In her sculpture practice she uses clay, moss, cardboard and stone. In other media/installations she uses mirrors, visual projection and audio. Motoko is also a ceramicist and intends operating an electric kiln during her residency. 16th April 2016 - Artist in Residence Open Day Motoko presented a Jomon pottery workshop

18 September – 18 October 2015 – Heritage Hill, Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia

Motoko Katsuta Kitano's Exhibition Food for Eyes ( Food for Thought )                         The vivid colours of many cultures in Dandenong inspire me. I see the different houses, and think of the stories and history of the families there. Like a thousand books in the library. Each house makes me wonder and imagine it's stories.

15 April – 10 May – Sculpture at Scenic World – 2015 Exhibition, Blue Mountains, NSW. Australia

Motoko has been chosen as a finalist in “Sculpture at Scenic World”, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Her installation is called: Dream / Yume "We dream while awake, we dream during sleep, so many suns & moonlights from the cradle to the grave. What do we dream of ?" The installation also features an original soundscape, in collaboration with Audio Designer, Mike Emerson. Now in it’s 4th year, the competition attracts Artists from all over the world, with a unique opportunity to display artworks in the pristine rainforest. Motoko and other finalists are also exhibiting smaller works in “Sculpture Otherwise”, an indoor exhibition at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba, which is running concurrently with Sculpture at Scenic World. Both exhibitions are open until 10th May.

January / February 2015 – Artist Residency, Heritage Hill, Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Motoko has just completed a most enjoyable and productive Artist Residency at Heritage Hill, a Dandenong Council funded Art and Heritage precinct in Melbourne, Victoria. During January and February she has not only produced many paintings (with several more awaiting final touches), but has become a de facto member of the local community, holding workshops, and even conducting tours of the locality. Plans are in place for an exhibition and series of workshops at Heritage Hill and also Dandenong Library, later in the year.

July 2014, Fiskars Artist Residency, Finland

The Northern Hemisphere summer has seen Motoko as the recipient of the Artist In Residence program in Fiskars, Finland. This village in the Finnish countryside is a dedicated art community, and Motoko was able to immerse herself in the nature of the area, as well as meeting and communicating with many of the local artists. She produced a series of paintings inspired by the Forests and Lakes nearby, and can appreciate how the inherent beauty of Finland inspires not only current artists, but composers such as Sibelius, and literary works like the Kalevala. A selection of her works are currently on display in Fiskars Onoma gallery.